flag poles


Characteristics of flagpoles


The term “flagpole” is usually used to describe an erect structure that has been constructed as a permanent marking, which can be seen from a distance. The flagpole carries the national flag or other symbol of importance, and always faces in the same direction. Today the term “flagpole” is used for different structures such as tall towers, windmills and radio masts. In Britain, the term “flagpole” is used to describe a tall flagstaffs which were once widely placed on roofs of buildings as a symbol of patriotism. Find out more detail about flaggstang.

Many historic buildings have been destroyed in attempts to remove them from their original location.


In present days it is quite easy to construct a flagpole that can be seen from great distances because the need for a flag is not so urgent as once was. The speed of transportation has made it possible for people in other countries to see our national flag flying at high altitude and in good condition throughout their tour tours.


Material of construction. Height of the flagpole. Types of flagpole and purpose for which it was constructed. Purpose for which it is used today vs any other purpose. Variety in shape and form (elements such as shaft, and base). Final thoughts on the design or purpose of each type (i..e.: what can be learned from observing the shape, size or function).


Comment on any special considerations involved with the design(s). Flagpole types include: Flagpole, Radio mast, Windmills etc .Historically, before the age of iron and other metals were used to construct flagpoles. Flagpoles were originally made with wood, but as technology developed they were changed to an iron framework and finally made entirely of metal.


The height of a flagpole depends on how high it needs to be in order for people at all different levels of elevation and situations to see it from far away distances. The higher a flagpole reaches into the sky the farther away everyone can see it. Iron is considered the best material for flagpoles because it is durable and flexible.


The durability of flagpoles has been proven when they have survived war, fires or natural disasters. To some, it is important for a flagpole to be high enough where it can be seen from great distances. But in other circumstances, a flagpole might just be used for decoration on a small community building. In the case of emergency, such as the need to warn people about an imminent threat, the height of a pole could determine life or death. Today the flagpole is used both to decorate buildings and as part of the community’s emergency plan. The higher the flagpole reaches into the sky, the farther that it can be seen. For more detail about søyler.


Many types of flagpoles can be created depending on what purpose the pole is used for or what materials are used to create it. Flagpoles were historically made out of wood but with technology advancing, today it is more common to see more pole structures made out of iron or steel. The height of a pole depends on how high it needs to be in order for people at all different levels of elevation and situations to see it from far away distances.

Thinks of flagpoles

When a person thinks of flagpoles they may be thinking of the long pole that holds the American flag. While this is definitely a flagpole there are many other types that many people do not know about.